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    Access Form to Automatic Outlook E-mail Reminders


    I have a form with various client information and outstanding balances. I have already setup the code that writes out the Outlook e-mail with the outstanding balance and payment request.

    However, I am trying to take the level of automation one step further and want to integrate an automatic reminder e-mail. I am familiar with what is needed to set-up automatic reminders. Most importantly, I want the reminders to continue the original e-mail chain. I do not want to create a new chain every time an automated e-mail goes out to a client. Is this possible and if so, how? I have looked all over and have not found anything relating to this.

    Thanks! I have learned a ton from this forum and hopefully you guys can help me out with this.


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    I have not tried it, but I suspect it is possible. You will want to .Save your outgoing email and then move or copy it to a specific folder. Also, it sounds like you want to look for a reply message in your inbox. I would use unique values within the Subject to help the search for the correct email or if a relevant email exists in the Inbox. I would use tables to log email activity.

    Here is some info that might help you get started working with the MAPIFolder object.

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    Some good suggestions there. The identifier in the subject is probably very important in that it should increment (ABCD456-01, -02, etc.) so you can find the highest in the sequence. Perhaps BCC yourself or a system account and let Outlook store the emails in a specified folder using an Outlook rule. I presume the emails would get too lengthy to just store the text in a memo field that you concatenate based on the identifier?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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