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    Need a query that can issue a numerical number for each record that shows up in the query.

    I issue multiple RFIs (requests for information) for multiple projects. The trouble that I have is that I am having to make a table for each project, which means that there is a lot of work for each new project. What I would like to do is setup a table that allows me to enter the RFIs and and then run a query based on the project number and have the query issue a sequential number as the RFI no. This will allow me to change all of the forms and reports based on the data. Any suggestions would be really appreciated. I use the RFI and project number together. PROJECT.RFI.Seq# HFF.RFI.001

    RFI No. RFIProject RFIDate RFICompany RFIPOC RFISubject RFIIssueLocation
    001 HFF
    9/11/2015 ABC, Inc. Person Thermostat: Proposed Location
    Back-of-House Wall South of Reach In Freezer

    RFI No. RFIProject RFIDate RFICompany RFIPOC RFISubject RFIIssueLocation
    001 LESCHI 11/13/2015 XYZ, Inc Person 2 Floor/Ceiling Assembly Between Retail and Living Space Floor/Ceiling Assembly Between Retail and Living Space

    Sample RFI Form

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for looking.......
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    I recommend you start at the 30,000 ft level and tell us what all this means in business terms.
    Along the lines of this made up scenario:

    We are a consulting/project management company. We have projects that involve... in several locations....
    Each project is identified by a.... and is described...... Projects are broken down by task. We do estimates and actual resource utilization..... From time to time we have requests for information, such as, ..... We record all changes and requests for information such that we can report same by Project, by Date, by Requestor, by Location.....blah, blah

    Once readers understand your requirement in some business context, I'm sure some options will follow.

    Good luck
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    And hopefully you're redesigning so you don't have a table for each project? A normalized design would be a single "projects" table, with a field to identify the project. Then you simply query that table/related tables for the project you want. You can increment a project number using DMax() + 1
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    To help with your design as Paul indicated, you may wish to read this:

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    Thank you. I actually have a project table that Project field is an fk. The trouble is mainly that I run into folks with specialized project numbers to I cannot increment them. In fact this client has three companies and they all use a different project numbering system (I know, drives me nuts.) So what I am trying to do is be able to enter this data in this form into the various related tables and then when I qry on qry the project related records and have that qry number the records so that I can blend them into a sequential RFI no field on the form and reports. It really is better management using separate tables for each project but it just gets to be a pain having to jump from form to form. I am sure there are some other ways that I have not thought of but I am not there yet in my development abilities. I am a builder that is trying to teach himself this stuff as I go and most of my educational time is spent keeping up with building code changes.

    Thank you again...

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