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    Building a database a table thats showing active records day by day.


    I have a linked table by ODBC that contains records with a type field, start date and end date.

    What I would like to do is to have Another table which I create with a full year, one record is one day. And one field called number of active records.

    Then I would like that table to look at the records from the ODBC source to see how many records that was Active on each day in the year table.

    If start date less than date and end date greater than date then plus 1. So I would get a sum in the number of active records.

    I want to use this as a overview in a diagram.

    Or is there Another way of doing a similar thing?


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    Create an append qry to count the records in the table by date. (Sum or count)
    then to fill in the missing dates, I would write a vb code to append all the dates between start and end.
    VDate = startdate
    while vDate <= EndDate
       SSql = "insert into table ([DATE]) values (#" & vDate & "#)"
       Docmd.runSql sSQL
        VDate = dateAdd("d", 1, vDate)

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    Than you for your answer.

    I´m not sure I follow on how to do this with an append Query. Wouldn´t I just get the start and end dates? Not the sum of Active records?

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