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    Moving fields from main form to subform


    I have a simple task tracking system which I put together. It consists of a main form with one embedded subform. The main form is used to either enter or update task records while the subform is used to record "history" records; which capture the current state of task record after update.

    I'm trying to have 3-4 fields from the main form flow down and populate the subform once I move the cursor from the main form to the subform.. I've tried a number of things but cannot seem to get this to work! The desired subform fields WILL populate once an initial (and erroneous) history record is written but population upon entering the subform will not happen!!

    I've done this before in prior lives and had it working just fine.... Running Access 2013



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    When I look at an Access database I consider where, within the tables, the data resides. When I need to add data to the database, I add the data to the tables. Perhaps, part of your solution will be to consider where you will append your data to.

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    In terms of database design best practice; one should not write fields from 1 table to another. Instead one should use a flag field (date, yes/no, anything appropriate) to indicate/differentiate the current record from a past record and they all reside in the same table.

    Your history sub form is just a display - it would be sourced on a query with the criteria of that flag field indicating not current.

    A separate issue is to dynamically see the change when viewing the screen - that is a refresh issue generically speaking. A form contains the data set that was valid when it opened. If you change a record from current to history - that subform must get its data set refreshed. You typically can do this via a requery command.

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