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    #Type! error displaying in report

    I have a number of fields in a report that are calculated date fields which work fine as long as the source field is not null. The source field is a text field of the form "yyyy-mm-dd" (which is how SQL Server stores it). I recalculate the source field using DateValue and then display with Short Date format like the user wants. Proper dates convert and display properly but empty source fields display as #Type!. I have tried qualifying the DateValue calculation by checking for a null value or for a field whose length is less than 10 characters. Neither of these seem to prevent the field from displaying as #Type. There are no circular references.

    I' was thinking "Plan B" would be to look for whether the value of the field is #Type! then making the field invisible is it is. However, the isError function does not identify this condition. Is there a function that would look for a #Type! condition and then return true or false depending on the result?

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    Try testing for whether the field is empty rather than is null and see if it works.

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