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    extract text from memo

    I need to extract from a memo style just the shipping information in US pounds.

    Shipping (Package) Weight: 0.28 kg [0.62 lb]

    One of my attempts was to use this query:

    Shipping (Package) Weight: Mid([Technical],InStr(1,[Technical],"]",1)+1,Len([Technical])-(InStr(1,[Technical],"lb ] ",1)+1))

    However, this does not seems to work. Can anyone help me to select just the information between [ lb ]. I do not need the brackets before or after.


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    I think you're on the right track. It appears that in the second argument of the Mid() function (the starting point), you're looking for "]" when you should be looking for "[".
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    Hello, I did what you told me but the query is returning other stuff.

    Here is how the originial memo looks

    Product Height: 19.00 mm [0.75 in]
    Product Length: 29.00 mm [1.14 in]
    Carton Quantity: 80
    Shipping (Package) Weight: 0.03 kg [0.07 lb]
    Product Width: 26.00 mm [1.02 in]
    Battery Type: Alkaline
    Voltage: DC 4.5V

    Each of this line have a char(13) or break. So, when running the query, it should be pulling just the information that I need which is "product's 0.07 lb"


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