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    using combo-box to show only remaining items

    I want to use combo box to select the resources to assign, but want to only show the remaining item, each time I click for new record.

    for example staff allocated for different jobs.
    seat assigned to each person, so each time the free seats only be displayed in the list, Not the already assigned.

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    Q1, make a query that pulls all the jobs already picked. (unique list, no dupes)
    Q2, take the table that has all the jobs and join it to Q1.
    Make it an OUTER join, bring down JOB from both table/queries, where ALL jobs in Job table, and some in Q1
    under the criteria for, set it to: IS NULL.

    Now Q2 will give you all the jobs that ARENT picked yet.

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    Thanks for the Help, Appreciate your swift response.
    It worked...

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