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    "package" reports into a form to allow "print", "choose Printer" etc easier for user

    Hey everyone,

    So i currently open my reports in print preview and i know you can just right click and print, but for my users I wanted to look at a ... "container" form that would display the preview but the form could have buttons on it
    eg. "next page", "previous Page", print, email, export to etc etc

    Is this possible in print preview mode?

    Also, is openargs the best way of doing this? Eg. openForm "Container",,,,5

    Select Case Openargs
     case 5
    CurrentReport = "reportInvoices"

    That is totally spitballing some code, but before i spend time on it... am i on the right track or am i completely off it!

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    There is this thing called Report View. I do not have much experience with it because I avoid it. In Report View, you can add controls like buttons. But, IIRC, pages are not the same in Report View. Maybe someone else can chime on or you can investigate if it provides what you need.

    As for the select case, the code looks like it would execute but I am not sure what CurrentReport represents. There may be a better way to get at your string literal, "reportInvoices" than using OpenArgs.

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