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    LIKE query does not give desired results

    I have a form to select records defined by criteria in a "search" query. I used the simple query wizard since this looked "simple" !! ... I get results just not the desired results. Example: Field Name "Description" if I search for Green ... I will get Green Light, Green Lens, Green Bulb ... but do not get Lighted Green, Lamp Green, Simple Green. Basically if the description STARTS with the Criteria it will find it ... but will not find it if buried in the description. The code I used is as follows on the query design ... Field: Description Table: tblPartsDatabase Criteria: Like [Forms]![Part Search]![Description] & "*" Thanks in advance

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    Like "*" & [Forms]![Part Search]![Description] & "*"
    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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    Use Google or Bing to do some research.

    I'm not sure where you found
    Like [Forms]![Part Search]![Description] & "*"
    but right beside it you should have seen
    Like "*" & [Forms]![Part Search]![Description]
    Like "*" & [Forms]![Part Search]![Description]&"*"
    These each have different meanings, and each is important.

    Find things                    Syntax
     Starting with  "j" ------- Like "j" & "*"
    Ending with    "j"-------- Like "*" & "j"
    Containing      "j"-------- Like "*" & "j" & "*"

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    June7 I did try that but it still did not work ... However I closed Access then reopened and for whatever reason it started working correctly and continues with no issues. Thanks. Orange - I am relatively new to access, SQL and coding and constantly hammer google and the internet for advice and I did see the code June7 added. I continue to learn through the assistance of the internet and sites like this ... thanks.

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