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    Prevent Duplicate Entries


    I am using Ms Access 2010. I have in one folder 10 users using access database files i want If any Users update any entry then same entry update by different user or that user then pop up which user already update that entry.please tell me how to do this.

    All users database data can automatic update in single excel files after each 15min then macro can tell us any duplicate entry update or not.

    Please tell me which is possible case

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    Have a field that saves the userID and date of rec change, invisible to user.
    if record goes into edit mode, set txtUser box to the userID,

    'Check if edited previously...
    if isNull(txtDate) then
    txtUser = Environ("Username")
    txtDate = now()
        MSGbox "already edited by " & txtUser
    end if

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    Is that possible all users data store in one Database. After each entries save by each users then store quickly & save in master Database.Please tell me how to do this

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