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    Employees to Positions (one-to-one relationship)

    Greetings all - I have a question that has been stumping me for weeks. I am developing a database to track employees, employee movement (resignations/hiring actions), and employee positions. The part I am having difficulty with is developing the link between a single employee to a single position (one-to-one relationship). I have two tables--tbl Employees and tbl Positions--but being able to link them and enforce the one-to-one limitations has been difficult for me to figure out.

    tbl Employees:
    First Name
    Last Name

    tbl Positions:
    Pos No
    Pos Section

    My logic behind using two tables is I don't want to retype the position information in the Employees table each time an employee switches positions. With the separate tables, I believe I can use a drop down showing available positions (positions without an employee slotted against them) to place new employees. The same process would apply when moving an employee to a new position, just select the new position from the available position drop down.

    I hope this is enough information, but if not, please let me know and I will provide whatever it takes to crack this nut!


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    if you take a one-to-many relationship from tblPositions.Pos_ID -> tblEmployees.Pos_ID you can have 1 or more employees filling a position. If you want to confine this to 1 employee/position you can build in that constraint using VBA or putting an unique index on the field tblEmployees.Pos_ID

    kind regards

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