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    Exclamation How to identify changes in data between consecutive rows (sorted in descending order by acct #)?

    I have data for multiple account numbers (for work) and dates, and I need to identify when there is a change in account number in order to add a new field with a count - which counts sequentially starting with 1 and then starts over at 1 when the account number changes.

    Please help! Thank you!

    Ex. The red column is what I am trying to create

    Account Date_To Counter
    12345 06/30/2015 1
    12345 05/31/2015 2
    12345 04/30/2015 3

    19999 06/30/2015 1

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    You have two separate Domains, aka Columns, that you need to get information from before you can move forward with Appending or Updating a record. What is typically used in situations like this is a Domain function. For the "Counter" column, the function that comes to mind is the DMax() function.

    I would probably retrieve the data for the other columns via a named and saved Query Object. Then, use the DMax() function to determine what the largest number for a given account is.

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    next, previous, first, last have no meaning without an order being applied - in the case of your sample data, the order is date descending so on that basis this pseudo code should do the job - change names to suit your table and field names

    SELECT *, SELECT Count(*) FROM myTable as T WHERE Account=myTable.Account And Date>=myTable.Date) AS Counter
    FROM myTable
    ORDER BY Date Desc
    Note Date is a reserved word and should not be used as a field name

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