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    I am having an error message whenever I tries to import an

    excel file into access table.For importing,I am using MS Access import wizard.Fields names on the source

    file(excel) are exactly the same as on the access table but I

    am still having the same import error..."an error occured

    trying to import C:\Testimp.xls The file was not

    imported".......any idea of what could be wrong????

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    It could be that your Excel worksheet is not set up properly. For example, do you have any blank columns or rows in the import range? Do you cells that are evaluating to error values in Excel? Are you mixing data types in your columns?

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    I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I am having the same issue.

    I originally imported my master list of data (currently in an excel file) into a NEW access table. That worked fine. Then I proceeded to make minor changes to the table. Things like adding descriptions, reducing the field size, adding caption names and such.

    Now, I tried to import ADDITIONAL data into the existing table and got the same error message that fadone is getting. I should add that the field names in the access table are still exactly the same as the ones I am importing.

    So I ask, what's the problem?

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