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    Deny insert/delete/update to a user for the whole Access database

    Hi guys,

    In our small company, we've got an Access Database on our Windows Server 2012, which is shared through the M: unit of the network. Each employee has got its own .mdb file in its own PC with its owns forms. All these forms are "connected to" the Access Database that is located in the M: unit of the server.

    I'm trying to deny the insert/delete/update privileges to some employees, so they can only make "select" queries.

    I know that I can Allow Deletions property of the form to False (No), but there are about 150 different forms.

    I know that I can also remove the Delete Data permission for the table, to prevent users accidentally deleting records. But there are about 100 different tables in the database.

    So is it any way to deny inserts/deletes/updates to a user for the whole Access database?


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    AFAIK, individual user permission/security went out with Access 2003. If this is critical might have to upgrade to SQLServer or MySQL.

    Other than having a user login process and then setting form properties with VBA as well as disabling ribbon and menus and/or publishing db as an executable - I don't see any way to do what you want.
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    One thought, completely untested, is to only give those users read permissions on the folder the back end is stored in. That may give them read-only access, since they'll be unable to write to the lock file.
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    [SOLVED] Deny insert/delete/update to a user for the whole Access database

    Ey guys, thanks for your support.

    Finally, I'm changing the "Allow Deletions" and similar properties of the forms to "No". It's a big work if I do it for 150 forms, but a sure job.

    We're thinking to migrate to SQL Server, so definitely it would be more manageable.

    Kind Regards

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