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    Cool Looking for Homework help!!


    I'm taking Intro to Access at a local community college (Online). I'm having a lot of trouble with this class and I don't have time to go to the tutor because I work full-time and my schedule won't allow it. The formulations are lost on me and I can never get them to work out right, so can someone please help!? I'd really appreciate it.

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    Anyone here is willing to help but not do the work for you.

    You have to provide specifics. What is the exact issue? What 'formulations'? What have you tried and what is the outcome?

    What are the instructional materials used? There are lots of on-line and print sources.

    Maybe this will help

    Start a new thread when you have specific issue.
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    I concur with June7 totally. We can offer advice, suggestions, assistance... but will not do the actual work/exercise.
    If you have specific questions then ask.
    You should make use of Google to search for examples. There are also some good youtube videos.

    A site with great info on syntax and functions with examples is

    We're here to help --ask good questions and we'll all do our best to help.

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    Hi, Sorry but I don't think , I could help you with that, I'm also not so familiar with it. The only way I do is to research and find it out online. I guess, that would be the best thing to answer your inquiries

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