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    LogIn Screen

    Hi everybody,

    I am using my access database with linked Excel Sheets as table. Therefore just one person at a time can use the database, as otherwise an error occurs telling the second person using the database that the excel sheets are already used. But this is not really a problem. The only thing I would like to have is a logIn screen which tells you who is currently using the database.

    I know how to create a LogIn screen but I have no idea how to create a message saying something like "Login not possible, User XYZ is currently using the database!"
    If somebody already did something like this I would be more than happy about some help.


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    AFAIK, you cannot edit a linked Excel file, regardless of one user or three users accessing the file. So, I do not understand the functionality you have with one user that you do not have with two users.

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    If you import the excel tables into the db, then you wont have this problem. many people can then use the db.

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