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    Question Importing excel into access data model

    Hi, Quick question.

    When you have created a data model within Access and it has relationships included how do you import a excel spreadsheet into this. Does the spreadsheet have to be the exact same as the data model to be imported correctly?


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    Yes or no.

    Yes, if the spreadsheet is exact the same as the data model and it will be imported correctly and quickly.

    No, if the spreadsheet is not the same as the data model and you will have to import the data to temp table and put them back in the base (data model) table.

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    Not sure exactly what you are asking, but it may just be terminology.
    A data model is really a picture or plan or blueprint of a database.
    A physical database is made up of tables, fields and keys (Primary and Foreign).
    You import data into tables.

    The analogy is the data model is much like the blueprint of a building.
    Where as the the database is the real, physical building with rooms, floors, roof, doors etc.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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