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    How to force requery (sort) of subform data .. when tab on tab control selected.

    I have a SubForm on a TabControl .. and I would like to force the sort order of the data on the subform whenever I click on that particular tab.

    Right now .. I am forced to click on a button to force the sort order. I would like this automatically done .. when I click on that tab.

    I have tried to Call cmdSortByUserName_Click .. but it does not seem to like it. But I may have done it wrong.

    Subform is subNewRadiosNoTrans
    TabControl is TabCtl0
    Page is page index 4
    Button is cmdSortByUserName

    On click of the button is ..

    Me.OrderByOn = True
    Me.OrderBy = "User DESC"

    Right now .. it just stays at whatever the last sort order is (For example User Asc) .. not what I want. I want it always be to User Desc on selection of that tab. (there are several buttons that can change the sort order on the subform to allow different sort ordering as desired).

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    Is it too much trouble to put the cursor in the column then click the AZ button?
    it sounds like trying to make a lot of code to re-invent an existing wheel.

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    Hi EdmScan!

    There is one thing I don't understand: why do you need to set at run time the sort order???
    It seems to be unique so use the form sort property or even better the query!

    Good luck, JLCantara.
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    Yes .. you are right. It is pretty easy just to click on the button as needed. Just me being lazy I guess. And 99% of the time .. I never really need it to be sorted any other way.

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    Base the form on a query that has the preferred sort criteria.

    Code sets the OrderBy property to "" and OrderByOn to False.
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    It is fine now .. the form opens with the correct data, and if I select another sort, it is only a button click to set it to how I usually want it.

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