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    Filter dual-column combo box

    I have a form with two combo boxes. I want the second combo box (cboAffDBD) to filter based on the selection of the first combo box (cboStation). Furthermore, I want the second combo box to display two of its fields from the table. I was able to show the two columns, now I am trying to filter the results.

    Initial code for viewing two columns in one combo box:
    SELECT DISTINCT [tblDBD].[ID], [tblDBD].[station] & " " & tblDBD.prefix FROM tblDBD;

    Now trying to filter the results based on the the selection of cboStation:
    SELECT DISTINCT [tblDBD].[ID], [tblDBD].[station] & " " & tblDBD.prefix FROM tblDBD WHERE station = [forms]![frmChangeRequests].[cboStation].[value];


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    The second combobox RowSource does not make sense. It is the same fields as first combobox. Review
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