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    VBA to create dated backup file


    This if my first time on this forum. I am usually on an excel VBA forum. I have code in an excel workbook that i want to add to that will open an access database file, and do a save as command giving it a date stamped name. for example, "database 03-30-2015" and save it in a filepath of my choosing.

    Any ideas?

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    I came up with this code:
    FileCopy "S:\Shipping Receiving\Extrusion\dbExtrusion Receiving.mdb", "S:\AC 174 Railing Certification Program\Database Backups\Backup of dbExtrusion Receiving " & Month(Now()) & "-" & Day(Now()) & "-" & Year(Now()) & ".mdb"
    but i get a permission denied error. Ive read that this happens when the file is open by other users. I can get around the file being open by other users, is there a different code i can use?

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    Access will create an .LDB file with the same name if anyone is using (and locking) the .MDB file. One thing you can do is check for the presence of an .LDB before attempting the copy. If it exists, then alert the user that they need to wait and try it again later.

    Another option is to call an outside .BAT/.CMD file that performs the file copy from Windows. The risk here is that you could attempt to copy the database while another user is editing data. This could potentially cause database corruption in both copies which you definitely DON'T want.

    At work, I have a script that is automatically run after-hours to backup the database. And even then, it checks for an .LDB file first to make sure nobody left the database open when they left.

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