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    Command for writing code for Search Command Button

    Hi: I have been looking for VBA Code to make a search command button. Could anyone help with this please? Thank you. I only joined this site a few days ago and I have learned alot already. Thank you!

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    A very broad question and the answer very much depends on what you are searching for and where and how you want to search. Assuming your button is on a form which has the recordset you want to search the principle is


    to build your search criteria you might have

    searchcriteria="[customerName] like '*" & txtCustomerName & "*'"


    searchcriteria="[Amount]=" & txtAmount

    where tctCustomerName and txtAmount are the names of unbound controls on your form

    to combine them you would have

    searchcriteria="[customerName] like '*" & txtCustomerName & "*' AND [Amount]=" & txtAmount

    Since you are new to this, to practice and experiment I would set up query in the query designer and set criteria to 'find' the records you want. When you have it working, look at the SQL view for what appears after the WHERE keyword - note the use of brackets and quotation marks, this will be how you need to construct your search criteria string

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    Thank you!

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