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    Create Audit trail of sorts

    Hi All

    I am creating an issue tracker and I would like to create an audit trail of sorts.

    All I need to capture is when the value of 3 fields are changed (What it was changed to, who changed it and when it was changed)

    For example

    The field is Status. It has a value of "OPEN", a user who is recognised within the database (the username will be passed through after they log on) changes the status to "RESOLVED". I would like a record of that change appended to an Table (tblAudit). It would need to record the old status, the new status, the user, the time, the ID of the record that was changed.

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    If you are NOT editing directly in the can.
    EX. User edits record key 101
    this action puts that record into an 'edit' table (not the main table where its is really strored)
    changes are made, then a SAVE button is clicked.
    at this point you can record to the audit table your interested fields, STatus, User, etc. using the key field to pull the BEFORE values (still in the MAIN tbl), and the working table AFTER values.
    then update changes to the MAIN table from the working table.

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    Hi ranman256

    The example you gave is pretty much what I am looking for.

    How do I pull the BEFORE values? How are values appended to the "edit" tbl?


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