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    How do I add new records to multi tables from one form or do I need sub forms with one click?

    I am creating a training record database, I have made the tables but need to work on the user interface.

    What I am struggling with is I can have a lesson which is created with an author lesson title, lesson description and supporting documents and also lots of lesson objectives so I have one lessonID with multiple lesson objectives linked to it.
    How can I create a form where I can write in the unique lesson details and then have multiple lesson objectives from say a drop down box link to another table.

    Thank you

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    How about posting a jpg of your tables and relationships. Screen capture would work.
    A 4-5 line overview description in plain English would also help.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Relationships.jpg 
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    Here you can see the relationships. So I want to create a lesson which will populate tblLessonPlan but also each lesson has a number of trainingID's to them so I when I add a lesson I need to add many TrainingID's. This I want to do from a user friendly form.

    Thank you

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