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    Best practice for data storage in db

    My company monitors phone call stats for each agent that we have. Per month, there are approx 3600 records (9 categories * 400 agents) containing about 4 different fields that are imported into a spreadsheet with a VBA macro that I wrote. I also wrote a macro that averages these 9 categories into an average so I end up with just 400 records (the averages) that I actually need in the database.

    I currently import all call data into a spreadsheet, do average calculations, then export averages to my Access database. I was thinking of placing all data into the database directly instead of doing all of the work in a spreadsheet first.

    Do databases begin to run slower as they get larger? My concern with doing this is having 3600 additional records per month. I do like being able to exclude the spreadsheet from this process, though.

    Any info\advice is appreciated

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    Yes, queries, forms, reports can perform slower with large datasets, especially if passing data over network and the objects have complex structure. Speed of network is also a factor.
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    Assuming a Win 7 machine with at least 4G RAM; 3600 records/month you won't see any speed problems for a decade..... Your hunch to eliminate the excel sheet step is a good one. I don't think you will have any problem.

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