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    How to clear values in specific fields based on updating the value of another field?

    Simple question, working on form where the user selects either "IN" or "OUT" from a dropdown of field name "CheckOut" in Frm1.

    If they select "OUT" they will in turn need to fill in 2 additional fields. When they change the value back from "OUT" to "IN", I want those other fields to be cleared of data for just this record so next time they change back to "OUT" from "IN" those 2 additional fields are already blank.

    Thank you.

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    Let's assume your two additional fields are FIELD1 and FIELD2 and your In/Out field is called FIELDINOUT

    in the ON EXIT property of FIELDINOUT you could have (assuming the field is a value list of 'in' or 'out' in a combo box)

    If FieldInOut = "In" Then
        Field1 = null
        Field2 = null
        Field1.visible = false
        Field2.visible = false
    Elseif FieldInOut = "Out" Then
        Field1 = null
        Field2 = null
        Field1.visible = True
        Field2.visible = True
        'Do your else here
    This is a bit heavy handed if you are doing this for a lot of controls on your form so you may want to consider more elegant solutions if this is a more substantial form.

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