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    Question Display values in combo boxes based on previous values selected

    Hello all~

    I just got Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise edition and I'm very new to MS Access so keep that in mind ..

    I'm building a simple 1 table database to hold the e-books I've acquired over the years (500+). What I want to do is put 3 Combo Box fields on the table to describe what category each book would fall under. The first combo box would be very broad (e.g. Computers, Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, etc.) and it would also need to be selected before the other 2 combo boxes. I want the 2nd combo box to display values specific to the value selected in the first combo box (e.g. if Computers was selected then show values: Networking, Programming, Design, etc.). Then the 3rd combo box will be populated with even more specific values based on the those chosen for the first two combo boxes (e.g. Computers then Programming is selected then show values: Java, C++, VB, etc.). How do I do this with the combo boxes?

    Also, sometimes the books have multiple authors and I'm not sure how I should accommodate first thought was to make 9 separate author fields (Author1, ..., Author9) but their must be an easier way? Or just enter the authors in a text box field and separate them with a comma...any suggestions?

    I currently have and am going through the e-book Access 2007 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies but it's a slow and painful process...are there any other books that are worth getting?

    Thanks very much for your input!

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    You should have normalized table structure with PK and FK relationship concept. So your data will be easy to communicate each others. You then can easily create a such
    hierarchy of combo boxes.

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