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    Use code not in a form's module to access the forms recordset

    I have a form F_Chosen which has as its record source the query Q_Chosen. One of the fields of the recordset is Q_Num.

    From code written inside the form's code module, I have no trouble accessing fields of the recordset with code such as

    x = Me!Q_Num.

    But clearly this doesn't work in code written in another Module (e. g. Module1) because Module 1 doesn't know what Me refers to.
    How might I set it up so that code written in Modlule1 could directly access the recordset of form F_Chosen?

    Thank You in Advance

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    is module 1 in a different form?

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    It depends on what you are trying to accomplish.

    In code, you could use "Forms!Form_Name.Control_Name" (the form must be open)
    x = Forms!F_Chosen.Q_Num

    Or you could write a UDF (user defined function) referencing the control on the form (the form must be open); the function is in a standard module (say, Module1).

    Public Function RandomNumber(Lowest As Long, Highest As Long)
    ' Generates a random whole number within a given range
       RandomNumber = Int(Rnd * (Highest + 1 - Lowest)) + Lowest
    End Function
    How do you use it?
    In a control on a form
    =RandomNumber(750,1000) ... to give a random number between 750 and 1000
    =RandomNumber(0,10) ... to give a random number between 0 and 10

    If you have two controls on a form: MyLower and MyUpper, you would use
    =RandomNumber(Me.MyLower, Me!MyUpper)

    You could also use the UDF in a query.
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    dim db as database
    dim rst as recordset
    dim iQNum as double 'or integer or whatever the datatype is
    set db = currentdb
    set rst = db.openrecordset("Q_Chosen")
    do while rst.eof <> true
        'do whatever you're going to do on a record by record basis
        iqnum = rst.fields("Q_num")
        'or iqunum = rst!qnum or any of a variety of other ways
    set rst = nothing
    set db = nothing

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    The first part of your answer was exactly what I needed. Thanks.

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