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    Database Creation & Testing Complete, Will Making It ACCDE Clear Everything Except Forms?

    Hi All,
    I've created and tested my database. What step or steps do I take now to make it so it's a program that only shows the forms and menu's I created, not all the Tables, Queries etc and the formatting options? Is there a link that explains what to do step by step? Thanks.

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    Don't overlook Google or Bing etc. to find answers to questions.


    From M$oft:
         This is the file  name extension for Office Access 2007 files that are compiled
         into an  "execute only" file. This format takes the place of the .mde file name
         extension that is used in earlier versions of Access.
          An .accde file is a "locked-down" version of the  original .accdb file. If
         the .accdb file contains any Visual Basic for  Applications (VBA) code, only the
         compiled code is included in the  .accde file. As a result, the VBA code cannot be
         viewed or modified by  the user. Also, users working with .accde files cannot
         make design  changes to forms or reports. You create .accde files from .accdb files
         by doing the following:
         1* In Office Access 2007, open the database that you want to     save as an .accde file.
         2* On the Database Tools tab, in the Database Tools group, click Make ACCDE.
         3* In the Save As dialog box, browse to the folder in which you want to save the file,
            type a name for the file in the File name box, and then click Save.
    More info for you

    FMS Splitting database

    FMS Performance and Linked Tables

    Could you post a jpg of your Relationships window?

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    Thanks Orange.
    I know how to make it a ACCDE but what I don't know is if doing so hides all the creation toolbars and such, therefore leaving me with a functioning database that runs as a program that only shows the menu's and forms? What do I need to do to achieve this? Thanks.

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