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    Question I am having problems to get data from Access while linked with a SharePoint table

    Good Afternoon everyone. Before anything I must say I am a total beginner when it comes with Access, much less SharePoint.

    INFO: I am utilizing Office 365. Windows 7 Pro for Desktop and Windows 8.1 for Tablet.

    Background: I have a Windows 8.1 tablet, in which I must put information into the database thought it, and all this information must be available for all computers in the organization. Basically, if I am checking inventory I write down the name of the item and quantity, then I click save and the person sitting on their work desk can see the inventory from their computer. Simple like that.

    I created an simple access database, and linked all the tables to SharePoint. Then I saved the Access file on my tablet, and another copy on my desktop. It worked perfectly, I would put down the data, save, and then I would visualize the same table from my laptop and I would see the information just added from my tablet. After a few more tests I created queries utilizing the information obtained in the tables, and they worked fine too.To make it a bit fancier I also created an Excel document that would get information from the queries in my access database (The one on my desktop), and make some nice graphs. Again I tested everything and it worked as it should: I would input data into my tablet, and then the graphs in excel would change after clicking refresh. Today, I made a few changes to the file (Changed the name of the folder where it was located), and the problems started.

    Problem: When I clicked refresh the first time an error occurred. The error was due to the fact I changed the folder name, so Excel couldn't find my access file. I changed the connection file, and upon attempting to refresh again, Excel froze and would not do anything. After a few more tries I gave up and decided to start over. I deleted the database (Both from my desktop and from my tablet) and deleted the tables on the SharePoint website where they were being hosted. Using my back-up database that I had on my desktop (The same one, but not linked to SharePoint), I linked the tables to SharePoint, to the same address used previously, and it appeared to work. Again, I would put the information on my tablet, and the information would be available both online with SharePoint and from my Front End in my desktop. Then I added the queries, and again things worked just fine. Finally I went Excel, Data, From SharePoint, I choose the file and the queries I wanted then I clicked OK and...It freezes. It just freezes and nothing happens.

    NOTE 1:I did check the "Current Health" on Office 365, and SharePoint appears as "Service Degraded" but I don't think that is the cause, because I can see the information just fine on access, I just cannot link the data to Excel.
    NOTE 2:I tested the same database with the same tables and queries, but not linked to SharePoint and it all worked just fine.

    So, could anyone help me? If you have difficulties with my English I apologize, tell me what you didn't understand and I will try to rephrase it.

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    Hi spdasilv,

    This could be due to the fact that the system does not have such high computing power. Try performing the same queries inside access and then exporting it to excel. Also avoid more operations on linked tables as it requires a lot of computing power. Try doing it on a dummy table and then exporting it to excel. Should work fine.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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