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    Restrict user access using Access Runtime and different levels of security to records

    I am looking for a little advice, Here is my situation; Ihave different styles of users. (1 )Office personnel that need to see allrecords. (2) I have attorneys that should only see clients that are assigned tothem and no others. (3) I have sales people that should only see records thathave not been assigned to an attorney.
    I am at the very earliest stages of constructing theDatabase and I am looking for advice on how to construct the DB to accomplishthe correct people getting access to the correct records. Whether it be usinglinked tables, VBA or some other method that someone else has been successfulwith. I should mention I am using Access 2010 and when uploaded it will berunning on a remote server using Access runtime to keep people out of the tables.Any advice would be appreciated. Also if you are so inclined I am available tocall or be called so we can discuss if this works better for you.

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    This involves developing a login procedure. The core of which is a Users table with username and permissions level. Username can be applied as filter criteria in queries and/or permissions level can manage availability of controls (buttons, data entry) and which objects (forms/reports) would be opened.

    This is a common topic in forum.
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    This link may be helpful in understanding and setting up permissions

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