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    Dynamic Combo choices for years

    Wanted to add a drop down to pick rolling three years. How do you do that for the row source?

    Want last, current, and next year for the choices. Can you use formulas in the list?



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    Apparently not, I just tried.

    Can use VBA to set the combobox RowSource property. The really trick is figuring out what event to put the code in. Try the form Load event.

    Me.comboboxname.RowSource = Year(Date())-1 & ";" & Year(Date()) & ";" & Year(Date())+1

    Have to set the combobox RowSourceType to ValueList.
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    Had to use this and worked perfect. Thank you

    Me.RecoverDate.RowSource = DatePart("yyyy", Now()) - 1 & ";" & DatePart("yyyy", Now()) + 1

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