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    Find First record and append to another table

    Hi All

    I have a table "tblGlobeCode" that has 999 records ranging obviously from 1 to 999 (The field is called "GlobeNo)". each of these numbers identifies an Acc number along with a note regarding the acc number.

    Currently there are acc numbers assigned to 500 of these records, the rest are unassigned. ALSO they assigned numbers are intermitant so we are trying to "fill the gaps".

    I have used a select query to find all the unassigned GlobeNo's and sorted them in ascending order.

    When a new account number is being entered into the DB it will need to be assigned a GlobeNo. I am going to use a button. What I need the button to do is Find the first available GlobeNo and append the Acc Number to that record in the "tblGlobeCode". Also, directly afterwards if a MsgBox could appear to tell the user what GlobeNo was assigned to it.

    Hope this can be sorted!!

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    Why do you have unassigned numbers?
    Why must the numbers be assigned such that there are no gaps?
    Why are there gaps present now?
    Is the purpose of the number to uniquely identify an ACC record?

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    Hi Orange

    The numbers 001 - 999 make up part of a bigger serial number and it is limited to 001 - 999. I have unassigned numbers because we have a defined number of allowable records (999). I cant use an autonumber as the records used to be added on an excel file manually and numbers appeared to be plucked from the air (dont ask me why, hence the gaps.

    As I said above, the GlobeNo identifies the start of a bigger serial number (to be used in another process). One Acc number can have multiple GlobeNo's assigned to it. Its the GlobeNo that is unique NOT the Acc No in this case.


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