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    Sending Email 2295 errormessage

    I want to sent an Email to all members with:

    DoCmd.SendObject acSendNoObject, , , _
    xEmail, , , _
    "my Text", xText, False

    I collect all individual emailadresses into 1 string called xEmail (with ; as separator). I have about 250 emailadresses. Result is a len(xEmail) ~ 5700 characters.
    For every email sent a receive a message from MS Outlook asking me if sending an email is allowed (after 5 sec waiting). I allow the sending and that moment MS VBA reports a 2295 error window.

    Translated from Dutch:
    Error 2295 during execution (Fout 2295 tijdens uitvoering):
    Name of addressee(s) unkown. Message not sent (De naam van de geadresseerde(n) is onbekend. Het bericht wordt niet verzonden.

    I tried to split the action in more than 1 DoCmd. Outlook accepts the emails with less characters in xEmail. They are in my outbox of Outlook. But the action always ends in 2295.

    It seems to me that somewhere between the VBA-code and MS Outlook all emailadresses are accumulated up to a certain #characters (~ 3750 characters in xEmail?).

    When debugging my code xEmail has correct values.

    Has anyone seen this before and a solution for me? I searched for a solution. It's a known problem, but without a solution......

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    Oct 2014

    Error occurs when one or more emailaddresses are invalid.
    e.g. space character, no countrycode in domain

    I discovered 3 of them in my database.


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