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    Adding Login/ Password function to Define What Data a User Sees

    I am creating a task list database for multiple users where tasks will be assigned to specific people to complete (I will call that person the "responsible lead"). The task originator and responsible lead fields will be drop down menus of defined names. My question is this: how do I design this so that there is a login/ password required when the database is opened, and based on the login entered, that user will only see those task items that they either originated or have been assigned to complete as responsible lead? For example, let's say there are 100 tasks in the entire database and "Bob Jones" is assigned the responsible lead on 10 of them and "Bob Jones" was the originator of another 20. "Bob Jones" would log in and only see those 30 tasks that are associated with him. I plan to have all the tasks in the database in 1 table and the users will add/ edit/ update the task through a form. I am a little rusty in Access - my last database was written about 8 years ago so I am looking for a direction to start. Thank you so much.

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    This is a common topic in forum. Search should return many threads.

    Records would be filtered by user ID. This means the data table needs a field that stores user ID. The filter can be built into query or code can apply filter to form.

    Can require user to log in with ID and password. I store user ID on a form (main menu) that never closes so can reference at any time.

    I also use code to pull the user ID from the network. I use Environ("USERNAME") - yes, type exactly as shown - to get the user's network login username. If the network username is not the ID saved with data, will need a Users table that has the network username and their database ID and do a lookup to get the ID based on username. Only new users ever see the login form, once they are in the Users table, never login again.
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