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    Query with criteria a date field of a form

    I want to put a date field of a form as a criteria in a query in the query builder.

    How do I do this?
    I tried: Between [Forms]![Sellers]![DateFrom] And [Forms]![Sellers]![DateTo]
    But no success.
    (maybe it has to do with the format? In the form I use dd/mm/yyyy. Or that it may also contain and time??)

    Edit: false alarm! It works fine, I had made a mistake in the field's name.
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    That is the correct syntax. I use it all the time with success.
    HOWEVER, if you are using time in the field, then yes, build a query that filters only the date format in the field, THEN put in your criteria.

    select format([InDate],"dd/mm/yyyy") as StartDate, where format([InDate],"dd/mm/yyyy") between start and end

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