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    Macro to create new records from previous date until current week sunday


    I have a form where I would like to add button with functionality that checks the last date in table column B and adds new records with dates until current weeks sunday. For example if last record Date value is 20.10.2014 then it should create new records with date values until 26.10.2014

    Hope someone can help.

    best regards,

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    modify to fit your tables...

    'get 1st day of the week  'SUNDAY
    Public Function PostRecsTo1stDOW()
    Dim i As Integer, j As Integer
    Dim v1stDOW, vDate, vD
    vDate = DMax("*", "table")
     v1stDOW = vbSunday
     i = Format(vDate, "w")
     iEnd = 8 - i
     If i = v1stDOW Then
       get1stDOW = vDate
       get1stDOW = DateAdd("d", iEnd, vDate)
     End If
    docmd.setwarnings False
    For j = 1 To iEnd
       vD= dateadd("d",j,vDate)
        sSql = "INSERT INTO tTABLE ([dateFld]) values (#" & vD & "#)"
    docmd.setwarnings True
    End Function

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    Thank you very much for helping out!

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