I have a little trouble coming up relationships for the following. If anyone could help, that would be great.

>>track customers and their personal information like name, address, and phone number

>>track payments made by customers to include amount paid, date, and show which project it is for
>>track projects including Project number, date, number of guests, estimated cost and amount charged
>>track employees and their personal information including social security number, address, phone number and name
>>have all the different types of food/drink offered by the database (Hint! This need only be a table with a single field: food type and you can make it the primary key.)
>>track what food/drink, including quantity is for each project
>>track which employees work on each project and how many hours they work each day (for billing purposes)

The rules are:

>>Each project can use 1 or more employees.
>>Each employee can work on 1 or more projects.
>>Each client can have 1 or more projects.
>>Each project can have only 1 client.
>>Each food can be used by many projects
>>Each project can have many food or drink items

What table relates to what, and what is the type of table?