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    Tracking users by username and date/time stamp to determine when a user logs into the db.

    I want to track users by username and date/time stamp to determine when a user logs into the database. I also want to keep a users log. When the user logged in it will be displayed on the screen. I am using Access 2013. The idea is to determine when was the last time anybody looged into the database and also keep a log of everyone.

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    I send the object (form, table) to this routine that logs the person. Put it in any event trigger.
    (the tLOG table has a [timestamp] field with the default = NOW()

    Public Sub Post2Log(pvObj)
      'Timestamp is in table field default = now()
    Dim sSql As String
    Dim vElaps, vUser
    DoCmd.Hourglass True
    vUser = Environ("Username")
    sSql = "INSERT INTO tLog (APP,Obj,USER) values ('" & CurrentDb.Name & "','" & pvObj & "','" & vUser & "')"
    DoCmd.RunSQL sSql
    DoCmd.Hourglass False
    End Sub

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    If you were having a specific stumbling point then I expect someone would be able to help you. Is there some single element that you cannot implement?
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