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    Can not open File already in use.

    I have a database that is used for invoicing, recently I split the DB so it would run quicker and multiple users could work at the same time. Now I have the tables located my shared folderand everyone is linked to them. Each of use has the mdb file on our machine.

    I can use the file just fine but when the other people try to use it, it only opens as a read only file. Everyone has read/write premissions to my shared folder and the db is set for multiple users. I am at a loss to what could be causing this.

    The other item is now when the other user trys to open a new invoice the form opens completely blank with on fields just all gray; I think this is due to the read only status.

    Can some one please give me some ideas to what could be causing this. :cry:

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    You should check:

    Default Open Mode?

    It should be set to Shared and Record Level locks checked as well.

    Remember to close the database file and open it in the file menu instead
    to activate the changes you already make.

    This may help too.

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