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    General discussion for MySQL, PHP, Azure

    Hi guys!

    Does anyone know of a forum, similar to this one, that focuses on a web hosted db and front end development?

    I'm trying to build a program in access and eventually migrate it to a web solution.

    On a side note, I've also read some things about Microsoft's online system, Azure. Does anyone know how hard it would be to migrate an access database to that system?

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    Bing: Access migrate Azure

    There is a SharePoint subforum on this site but I expect there is a dedicated SharePoint forum somewhere. There are other methods of building data-enabled web site but get more complicated involving various apps:, PHP, Apache, Cold Fusion, etc.
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    I've never really understood SharePoint. Isn't that kind of like a web CMS? How does it work with/render databases?

    I've only (lightly) worked with MySQL and PHP. I've seen a lot of these stuff too.

    Lots of stuff to learn....

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