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    Access level?

    Okay, I am building a database application in Access 2010 and one of the requirements is to find a way to have half the users be able to perform add/edit/delete functions to the database and the other half only read the information. Is this achievable? I did read that new access eliminated the user level security but isnt there a work around?

    Keep in mind, I do work for a large company and this essentially was going to be placed in a shared folder and the users can open and do their work from it.

    Actually, there is multiple parts to the db. One of the tables out of the three is the one that the other dept should be able to make changes and add too freely, but the other two tables need to only be my dept. I found a way to set user permissions to the actual db file which would work but would in effect not allow them to update that table inside this db...

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    The workaround is a UserInfo table, identifying the user, and have code open forms according to user permissions.
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    Note that you write: going to be placed in a shared folder and the users can open and do their work from it.

    That sounds like an incorrect installation; a multi user Access application must be split; you put the common back end file on the shared server but each user must have their own front end file....

    The only alternative to J7's advice is to have separate front ends; 1 that is read only and the other that is fully capable

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