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    table field properties - bound column only accept numeric value?

    I try to put an expression for the property "bound column" so that my lookup values will be directly dependent on one of attribute's choice

    I have got four options for my attribute. Each option will use a slightly different set of lookup values. I save all four sets in another table.

    Then in my properties definition I refer directly to this table as lookup base. When I put bound column number equal to an expression so as to choose the right column of lookup values it refuses. It seems that it does notl ike anything other than a numeric value.

    If that's a no-go, I am not sure how to achieve what I try to do then?

    Essentially I have a table that 4 attributes: QID,itemID,CatType,Catchoice

    CatType can have only 4 values. Each value will make Catchoice take on a different set of combo values

    The problem I am having is that I am stuck at the Catchoice lookup definition because it is dependent on what kind of CatType the user picks

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    I don't really understand your requirement.

    Essentially I have a table that 4 attributes: QID,itemID,CatType,Catchoice
    So you have a table with 4 fields(columns).
    I recommend you normalize your structure, and use a form with combo boxes to validate data entry.
    You may wish to investigate Cascading Combo boxes also.

    Perhaps you could tell us What the proposed database is about.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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