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    Append doesn't work properly


    i have the following problem:

    An append query drops a lot of entries ... when i look at the entries to be added in "table view" it seems alright, but after running, a lot of entries are missing.
    Has anybody any idea how that can happen ?
    The table i append to is blank and newly Created via VBA ... are some properties of the table maybe a problem ??


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    Want to post some code to show readers what you are talking about? A little context would help also.

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    Either you have index field w no duplicates
    or a keyed field

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    Hi again ... i got it. It was indeed a property. The table did not accept "empty" entries. I had to adjust properties according to what's in the documentation and it worked ... so exactly the "keyed or indexed field" but the "Accept empty ..." thing.

    Thanks a lot however,

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