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    Problem creating a query based on a table that does not show data once created. PLEASE HELP :(

    Hello all,

    I am new to these forums but I was suggested to reach out because none of my friends know anything about the units I need to complete to proceed further with my studies.

    The following is part of a scenario interview to customize Access to make it more user friendly for staff and management:

    Basically this is the whole scenario with interviews and requirements outlined. I have attached a Zip with what I have done so far. Some of it is not working like my Form for department input after each shift.

    Excerpts from interviews


    At the end of last year the company installed a local area network including Microsoft Access software. Our purpose was and is to build a custom system to handle our most important information needs. We did some work creating database tables for production, expenses stock and related functions such as order taking. We entered the data for the first six months of the year but have not made any headway beyond that. We wish to employ your company to do the customisation for us.
    I have set up interviews with our sales, production and office managers to discuss with you the way they currently work and their needs in relation to the new system. We would appreciate any efficiencies that you may be able to build into the new system provided they don't go beyond the scope of our immediate needs at this time.
    Sales manager

    I look after the sales team, who spend a lot of time on the road promoting our stock lines. Each customer deals with just one sales representative. When a salesperson takes a new order, he or she phones it immediately to office staff who will enter it directly into the database. I understand this order screen is not yet created. However all the tables needed have been set up in the database.
    I need two reports. Firstly I will need to see a summary of all orders grouped by sales staff member; I don't need to see a dollar value, just a list of the orders and which customers they were made out to. Secondly I would like to see this same data grouped according to customer, so I can easily see all the orders placed by each customer.
    Production manager

    I oversee manufacturing, which of course is our main activity. We have three eight-hour shifts a day in the factory and produce items of furniture from raw materials like wood, steel and fabric.
    At the end of each shift we need to record in the database what work has been completed in each production department.
    One of the things I want from the system is to see the output of any department over any time period, so I can keep an eye on production figures. I would want to be able to run a report which prompts for a start date, then an end date, then a department ID.
    Another important report will list all product data grouped according to product type. All staff at Apps Furniture will need this report quite frequently.
    I suggest you have a look at our data as it has been entered in the database and you will see the codes for the production departments and products. The data is complete for the first six months of the year.
    Office manager

    We want to take accurate orders over the phone by the field sales staff or by customers. An office staff member will need a screen which shows customer, date and salesperson code at the top and then a line for each stock item in the order. A typical order screen will be ideal. The screen should show a running total value of the order. There should be sufficient room on the form to show 7 order lines without scrolling. Just one other feature needed for this screen - we would like wherever possible to pick as much as possible from drop-down lists so that the data integrity is assured.
    On the output side we need a summary of what orders each customer has placed with us showing order number and date ordered. We don't need the stock items or dollar values in the order, just one line per order giving the order header information.
    In the future an updated system should be able to convert orders to invoices as the orders are filled, but that doesn't have to happen now.
    I manage expenses for each department; the expenses of Production are by far the largest because of all the materials they buy. I would like a report which shows me a list of expenses for any one department. I want to enter the department code and see all expenses for that department with a total dollar value at the end.
    I also manage our human resources and need to be able to list all data for all staff grouped by department.
    The last feature I would like is some sort of automatic update of selling prices. We do across-the-board selling price changes from time to time - usually increases in response to increases in materials. For example just last week we increased all selling prices by 5%. However we would want to choose the percentage - it would not always be 5%.

    Kind Regards,
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    What is specific issue? What does 'not working' mean? Which form is for 'department input'?
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    Quote Originally Posted by June7 View Post
    What is specific issue? What does 'not working' mean? Which form is for 'department input'?
    Hey. Sorry. I didn't explain myself properly. I managed to fix the error. I was trying to create a query using different tables when it was clear to me later that I only needed to use the department table to create a query and then a form based on that.

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