I was given an access 97 database / program for use in my unit after modifying it. I think I made every change necessary, but in the process, I 'updated' it from 97 to 2000 (or 2002, I'll have to check) In the process, I had to change the 97 installer to 2002. I changed the .inf and .stf files for the necessary changes to the files.

The problem I'm running into is at about 25% install, I get an error message: Setup could not open the file: 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\DAO\DAO2535.TLB If I delete the current DAO2535.TLB file, setup will function past this and insert the file on my install disk. Is this ok to do, or am I loosing info for other programs by deleting the existing file? What can I do to fix this problem?

Next, the installer will run to my data file and give me the error message: Setup could not open the file 'D:\COLCO~1.MDB' If I hit ignore, the installer will continue to the end of the program and give me the all was installed well message. When trying to run the program, I find the data was not installed onto the HDD in the folder. How can I fix this problem?

If I can get past these problems, the package will be complete, and I can do the roll out on the new software. I know the guys are looking for it, and I am frustrated to the point where I can't figure out the problem. Any help appriciated... Thanks, Ben