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    Access Web Services Macro Problems (SharePoint 2010)

    I am trying to migrate an Access client database to an Access Web Service database. Most of the conversion has gone smoothly, but I am completely stumped by one issue, as described below.

    FormA allows a user to do a search of a table with the results stored on a datasheet in SubFormB. A user can double click on a cell in the datasheet to open a record displaying all of its fields in FormC. This works.

    I would like the user to be able to do one of two things on FormC:

    1. 1) Click a button to Edit the record on the form and allow field changes (if the form is opened read-only),
    2. 2) Edit the form and then click a Save button, with a message to the user giving them the option of either saving the changes or cancelling them.

    Under option 1, I can set FormC to be read-only by setting its Allow Edits property to No in the property sheet. However, I can find no way to reset that property when a user Clicks on the edit button. I’ve tried using the Locked property instead, but that does not work (fields can be edited). I’ve tried setting individual controls on FormC to Locked=No via a macro, but that has no effect. I’ve tried other variations, but nothing I’ve tried works.

    Under Option2, editing works, but I’ve found no way to give the user a chance to cancel changes. The MessageBox available in the macros is strictly a message – it offers only an OK button to close it, with no way to specify the addition or reading of a Cancel button.

    Is either scenario possible in Access Web Services? If so, can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? If not, can someone suggest an alternative method that would work?
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