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    Keying in Test answers to Access DB from Written Test


    I am writing on behalf of the City of Kalamazoo. We currently have a FoxPro program that was developed to allow employees from the Transportation department to key in test answers from hard copies of tests they administer to potential bus drivers. Once keyed in, the test answer data can then be calculated to produce a final score and stored in a database. The program prints out a "results" sheet with the test takers overall score and how well they did in each section.

    The FoxPro program was developed by an employee who no longer works here. We do not know how exactly he coded it or where the test data is being stored.

    Basically I just want to recreate what the FoxPro program does, but do it using Access 2003.

    I have the answer key and I am making a form so that you can simply key in what the test taker has answered on the written test.

    The person keying in the written test answers has to do this frequently and since she is a typist she would like to be able to quickly key in what the test taker wrote down without having to do any clicking.

    What form controls should I use so that she does not have to click any thing? More importantly, what coding do I need to do in order for the typist to be able to type in all the answers and have them added to a new database for each test taker? The test is all multiple choice so either 0,1, or 2 points are awarded based on how they answer the question.

    Thanks very much for your time!!! I really appreciate everything you guys do!

    (I have screenshots of the FoxPro program as well as a copy of the "results" page if you would like to see them)

    -Phil Hajek
    City of Kalamazoo, IT

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    Wow! It sounds like someone ELSE may be building themselves some job security - kudos to you!

    And yes, screenshots are always good! If we can help you, we will.

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    hard core data entry; where the typist looks at the source paper and not the screen - should be accommodate with the tab movement from textbox to textbox....set up the screen form in the exact same order as the paper form and make sure your tab order is correct....and it should go very fast. typists use the tab button and not the mouse....

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    Adding Form data to a database

    Once I have my form set up, how do I insert the data that is keyed into a form control into a database? Or if I store values into radio buttons on the form, how do I add those values into a database? More specifically, what settings / code do I need to accomplish this.


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