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    Changing Font Size of Labels Depending on Text Length

    So I know there are many other threads similar to this, but I have searched all over the place with no avail.

    I have a report that prints labels (similar to avery labels) which pulls data from a query. These labels are all unique and vary in length. Due to the length variance, I want the font size to get smaller for labels with more characters. I want the text to go down to another line when necessary.

    In my report under the OnPage Event Procedure I wrote this:
    Private Sub Report_Page()
    If Len(Text2) > 20 Then Text2.FontSize = 8
    If Len(Text2) > 10 And Len(Text2) < 21 Then Text2.FontSize = 10
    If Len(Text2) < 11 Then Text2.FontSize = 14

    End Sub

    This works to some degree but the problem is that once there is a longer label, all of the proceeding labels are resized & the longer label that should have been resized was not.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Is there another place I should be writing this code? I looked under events for the textbox but there doesn't seem to be anything that would work since none of them would trigger when printing labels.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi -

    Is there another place I should be writing this code?
    Yes - try putting the code in the On Format event of the detail section of the report. You want it to run for each label, not each page.


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    Can try the report Detail section Format event.
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    I read about the OnFormat event and looked all over but didn't realize I had to click on the 'Detail' bar to access that property sheet (I figured the OnFormat event would be a part of the text box)

    This was the last big step to this project. Thanks again!

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