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    Running excel macro from access

    Hi !

    I am running excel macro from access , everything goes almoust fine but after the excel macro has runned there goes an Run-time error 440 Automation error in Access VBA an it stop marked red bellow , wha goes wrong ?

    Private Sub Command35_Click()
    Dim XLApp As Object
    ' Open the XLS fle, make it visible, get control and run a macro called muotoilu
    Set XLApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
    With XLApp
    .Application.Visible = True
    .UserControl = True
    .Workbooks.Open "thy2.xls" "After opening excel macro it make some settings and save and close the excel file"
    .Application.Run "muotoilu"
    End With
    End Sub

    Br Timo
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    Try this code. Note the excel macro is located in the Module1 of Test.xls file. (Test.xls!Module1.muotoilu)

    Private Sub Command35_Click()
    Dim XLApp As Object
    Set XLApp=CreateObject("Excel.Application")
    XLApp.Workbooks.Open Application.CurrentProject.Path & "\Test.xls"
    XLApp.Application.Visible = True
    XLApp.Run "Module1.muotoilu"
    Set XLApp=Nothing
    End Sub

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