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    Where should I start? Understanding Relational Database - RDBMS

    Before you begin developing an application that relies on a relational database, I suggest you have an understanding of relational databases. It will be beneficial to understand object oriented programming and the programming language VBA. However, the first steps are creating your tables and queries. Define your entities and create a diagram that will guide you in the creation of your tables/relations.

    Here is a good overview of what a Relational Database is

    You need an Entity Relationship Diagram. Here is a super basic explanation. 15 minutes

    Here is an hour long class on applying Business Rules while you diagram and design your database (the beginning stages). The audio is terrible but the info is good. It seems most of the technical videos are created by people who have better things to do than worry about audio.

    Here is a 10 minute tutorial on Normalization. Normalization is super complicated and not very intuitive when trying to understand all of the technical aspects. At least gloss over it and then try to apply knowledge gleaned from first blush. You can always revisit the topic later.

    In order to apply Normalization to your Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) you need to understand what Keys are. Primary Keys and Foreign Keys are critical. How you decide what your PK’s and FK’s are can be, well, not so much fun.

    This video is a brief description of some types of Keys

    This series of videos is about Logic Data Modeling. However, the second video is a good description of how to go about using Candidate Keys to then define your Primary Key. The user, Orange, here in this forum, first introduced me to his series.
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    Good stuff. The playlist on ERD was the best I could find about 3 years ago. It deals with the same example all the way through. The quality isn't great and the terminology less rigorous than Date or Codd would use, but several posters found them useful.
    Here is another playlist to complement your list.

    For a youtube playlist for learning Access, here is a series created by xipoo. It goes from intro to more advanced.
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